Armidale, NSW 2350

Officially launched in February 2020, is Australia’s emerging innovation cluster, located in the heart of New England. engages with industry leaders, investors, universities, government organisations, and agricultural innovators to cultivate growth in agribusiness and agtech in the region and beyond. 

We create value in our network through an ecosystem of synergy, guidance and expertise. creates opportunities for innovation and empowerment for its members by connecting individuals and businesses, and facilitating meaningful conversations that promote collaboration, develop strengths, and cultivate growth.

Clusters are important sources of innovation and support for an entire industry’s supply chain and economy – especially for regional communities. The New England region is naturally home to a diversity of new and established businesses, as well as supporting organisations and natural endowments.

Join the network and discover how we can all grow better, together.

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Bert Glover, Chair of answers the question: Why and Why Now?