With COVID-19 affecting businesses and supply chains around the world, there is no better time for clusters to step in and support their ecosystems with the methods and solutions to tackle the impacts of the virus and build resiliency for the next phase of events. 

The proximity of clusters to both the problem and its members will mean that they will play an important role in new initiatives and the shift in mindset towards investigating new ways of running operations, developing strategies, and engaging with staff and the supply chain, alike. 

Transcending COVID-19 is a webinar series built to facilitate ongoing conversations about the ag-supply chain in the New England North West and how those who operate in the region with stakeholders who are farmers, distributors, retailers, researchers, and professionals, are responding, recovering, and renewing in these uncertain times.



Peter Haynes, Agribusiness Manager – National Australia Bank

Derek Repp, Business Advisory Associate – Roberts & Morrow

Facilitator: Alissa Patacic, Executive Officer – InAg.tech

Topic: How are ag-businesses in the region responding to COVID-19 and pivoting their capabilities to adapt & improve for the long-term?

Watch the video recording of Webinar 1: Professional Services & Pivoting Capabilities

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